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Who We Serve

We recognize that patient care is important to you, just like it is for us. We provide highly specialized toxicology testing and molecular testing services that empower a more knowledgeable approach to patient care. We believe in precision medicine and its ability to provide precise and unique information so you can provide the proper care at the right time, every time! We partner with all types of healthcare professionals and businesses, but our primary areas of focus are listed below.
Do you need toxicology or molecular testing support? 

Pain Management

When patients suffer from chronic pain that is temporary or life-long, they go to you to find care. Patients are vulnerable and seek solutions to help them get back to living a productive and fulfilling life. Summit supports clinics like yours by providing highly sensitive toxicology testing to support presumptive and comprehensive testing services for new patient intake and medication monitoring for patient adherence.

Our patient results are available within 24 hours – allowing you to confidently write prescriptions for compliant patients the next day.

Addiction Medicine

You work with patients who work hard to find their own path back to wellness. Both you and the patient want to confirm they are progressing on their journey to recovery every day. To encourage proper and continued adherence to their personal program, you need prompt, accurate, and precise clinical toxicology results. Our results allow you to monitor both the efficacy of the recovery program and the individual's compliance.

Our organization is geared towards giving you the confidence to manage patient care with the best information available.

Behavioral and Mental Health

Patient self-care and integrated interventions into a patient's daily life are a key part of your practice's ability to create sustainable change. Pharmacologic testing from Summit is flexible, patient and provider friendly, and comprehensive. Meet your patients with the highest standard of care so you can achieve stabilization with the best medication and therapy for each unique patient. We test a range of medications commonly used in behavioral and mental health. If you or your patient need a drug not on our menu, we can add new drugs to our menu in just a few weeks!

Same-day results are available! We understand getting results fast and before subsequent counseling session are critical to the patient's well-being and success. Our team routinely provides results within 24 hours or less, and, if necessary, can get them to you by the end of our business day. Just ASK!

Need a Research Partner? Have Employees you want to screen? We can do that too!

Even though our core clinical value is within abuse and medication management, we support all kinds of unique testing needs. Not sure if we can help? Call us to learn more!

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