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To provide timely and actionable patient-centric services to the diverse communities we serve, that encourages and empowers people to have happier healthier lives.


To be the choice provider of diagnostic services that enables all walks of life the ability to receive the best healthcare treatments available.  We achieve our vision daily because we ASK how to improve patient care!
Summit helps healthcare professionals
Advance clinic practices by identifying the
Support needed for individual patients. Our insights help professionals
Know what course of action is best to assist patients in their journey to a happier healthier life.


We believe as a team who brings our PEAK performance every day, we will continue to find success! 
Precision. We take pride in what we do, we are consistent in our work.
Excellence. We strive to excel in all aspects of our work and life. 
Attitude. We believe positive energy and a team mentality are paramount to creating successful outcomes.
Knowledge. We know there is always more to learn, so we embrace our curiosity and the unknown.

About Us

At Summit Clinical Laboratories, we are passionate about improving patients' lives so they can live happier and healthier. We apply our expertise in Molecular and Toxicology testing to support the most demanding healthcare challenges patients and physicians face today. We have become a well-known medical testing organization founded by a team of scientific entrepreneurs. Our experience in laboratory testing has helped enhance the local community through strategic partnerships, rapid results, and critical support for behavioral health, pain management, and substance abuse programs. Summit's leadership and lab staff collectively bring decades of toxicology experience from long-standing relationships and our reputation to deliver unmatched testing solutions you can trust.

Summit Clinical Laboratories was founded in 2019 when we saw a need for quick and dependable testing solutions for patients, clinics, and the public during the greatest pandemic of our lifetime. Summit established an effortless COVID-19 testing solution for anyone and everyone, providing same-day results, guaranteed. 

From this rapid and highly impactful service solution, Summit quickly became a top choice and was contracted by the State of Wisconsin to collect and administer COVID-19 testing. As one of the easiest ways the public could get a COVID-19 test, Summit gained great affinity from the public. Summit continues to develop partnerships with schools, businesses, and other agencies to promote healthier decisions and a broader awareness of new viral risks and variant mutations.

Summit's leadership team comes from the toxicology industry and has always kept a close eye on the ongoing opioid epidemic. The epidemic has grown exponentially in recent years as people sought comfort through street drugs to fight depression, anxiety, and financial uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for Behavioral and Mental Health treatment skyrocketed from these stressors at a time when people and professionals were not as easily accessible due to stay-at-home orders and fear of getting sick. The stay-at-home orders have faded, but not the need for professional support. Though the world focused on COVID-19, Summit and its partner clinics remained vigilant and focused on the clinical care needed to support addiction and mental health. Summit continues to innovate and enhance its medication monitoring and testing services by investing in cutting-edge technologies that provide faster and more accurate testing.

Summit Clinical logo

Why Summit?

We understand you have many choices for lab testing partners at your disposal.

However, at Summit, we believe that not all labs are built or function the same. ​

Unmatched Customer Service!​
  • Dedicated Account Manager to help you and your team

  • Laboratory experts and Toxicologists are available anytime

  • Personalized care customized to your needs

  • Sample pick-up time scheduled around your practice

  • Work with all major insurances!

  • Local and available at a moment's notice to visit in person!

Image by National Cancer Institute
Blood Samples
Innovative Lab Practices!​
  • Have a critical result that requires peace of mind? No Problem! We can re-test any sample upon request—free of charge!

  • Same-Day Results are available!

  • More than 100 compounds are available for toxicology testing and expanding

  • Online Portal for ordering and viewing results, or EMR integration

  • Capable of testing Blood, Saliva, and Urine samples

  • CAP and CLIA certified laboratory

  • Flexibility to provide collection or observation processes for your clinic

  • Engaged with local surveillance programs to identify NEW drugs of concern!


Summit Clinical Laboratory is conveniently located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, which makes getting tested fast and easy!

Remember, bring your ID and insurance card!

Brookfield Lab

In the Gateway West Commerce Center

Near Capitol Dr and Springdale Rd

Monday–Friday 9 AM–5 PM

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