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Test Menus

Need help? We have numerous resources and guides available to make your life easy! Below you will find frequently asked questions, ways to get tested, how to order as a physician, and more! Want more of what you see? We have numerous other resources available, exclusively for our partner clinics.


No matter your patients' needs or the sample type you have available, Summit can help! Our toxicology services are built unique to the patient you serve to provide precision medicine and specific medication monitoring.

See our presumptive and definitive testing menu below:

Molecular Diagnostics

Need to know your exact ailment? Our team of lab professionals will quickly identify which viral markers are present, causing you to feel ill, using the gold standard of molecular techniques, PCR. With a multiplex assay, one swab can provide all the information you need! Don't let similar symptoms leave you guessing.

Ordering and Results

When getting a test from Summit, we have only one thing in mind—ease of use.
Summit has multiple convenient solutions to fit your practice needs.
We want to create a seamless transition and integration that is efficient for you and your team.

Web-Based Portal

Our web portal, LabNexus, is an ordering portal accessible on any internet-connected device. The access to the portal is HIPAA compliant and protected by a username and password specific to your clinic. You can view and place orders within this portal at any time of day, meaning orders do not need to bottleneck your patient's experience and throughput. This portal also has customizable features and quick-pick items available to make it even easier to re-order or find common assays after you log in!

Two-Way Interface

In some organizations, building a more extensive interface is necessary and more appropriate. These interfaces allow instant communication between an existing clinic or hospital's Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) and our Laboratory Information System (LIS). Organizations with high patient populations or several ordering physicians often find these useful to ensure quick transfer of results and orders into the patient's file. However, EMR integrations are not for everyone and can take significant resources by both parties. If you are interested in an Interface, please plan 6+ weeks to build.


Sometimes, paper is the best option for your clinic. Your team may have an established process that makes tracking orders and results easy. We can customize the form for your clinic's needs to match your clinic's protocol for simpler, faster ordering. We provide paper requisitions for you; just ask!

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