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Blood Test

Toxicology Testing

Toxicology testing is a process that checks for various drugs in a multitude of matrices, such as urine, blood, and saliva. Summit Clinical Laboratories utilizes proprietary methods on cutting-edge technologies to provide the fastest and most reliable drug detection and medication monitoring results.
At Summit Clinical Laboratories, a premier Wisconsin toxicology laboratory, you can expect to receive dependable, cost-effective, timely drug-testing services. Our staff is dedicated to providing rapid 24-hour results that are scientifically credible and legally defensible. We are committed to the patients we serve and stand behind our results, knowing the impact they may have on someone's life. All samples are tested in-house and managed through a rigorous chain of custody process so that you can have peace of mind. Know that any sample we test is treated with the utmost care by skilled, educated, and experienced laboratory professionals—always!

Immuno-Analyzer Screens

These tests are typically performed in a clinical lab. These tests use light absorption to detect the presence of a particular drug class. As these assays are more sensitive and under higher quality controls in a lab setting compared to a point-of-care cup, these are a superior choice for screening purposes. This testing method is ideal for pre-employment, walk-in drug screening, and basic compliance testing. Follow-up confirmatory testing may be required to confirm the presence of a particular drug.

Our presumptive test offering screens up to 12 different drug classes in urine. You can select one or all the drug classes to meet your individual patient's needs.

How to Order

For pre-employment and physician clinics, please contact us to set up an account. Together, we will be able to establish a protocol for your patients and employees that meet your unique needs.

For walk-in testing needs, visit any of our clinic sites. Please bring a copy of your ID.


Definitive Testing

This test, also known as confirmatory testing, is the gold standard of testing when looking to identify specific substances. Unlike point-of-care and immuno-assays that tell you potential drug classes, LCMSMS testing tells you precisely what is present. Confirmatory testing helps identify which drugs and metabolites are present with accurate quantitative information that depicts how much of each drug is detected. This testing uses known retention times and the molecular weights of compounds to quantify specific drugs accurately and confidently. With high sensitivity and precision, this testing can detect compounds for much longer than Immuno-assays, providing the ideal platform for medication monitoring and patient adherence.

Benefits of Summit Testing

  • More than 100 compounds are available!

  • Testing is available in Urine, Blood, and Saliva

  • Aware of local trends and risks - 

    • Driving locally relevant assay development!

  • Network of clinical professionals

  • Influence our menu–need something we don't have?

    • We will add it!

  • Same-day results are available

How to Order

Please contact us to set up an account for pre-employment and physician clinics. Together, we can establish a protocol for your patients and employees.


For walk-in testing needs, visit any of our clinic sites. Please bring a copy of your ID.

Definitive Test

Result Availability

Immuno-analyzer results are available on the same day, but most often are available in just a few hours! Definitive testing results are available routinely within 24 hours or less. We can perform expedited definitive testing and get your results even faster upon request!

Physician Clinic

If a test is ordered through a physician's office, results will be sent to your clinic. Please contact your physician's clinic for a copy of your results.

Clinic results will be available via fax, email, or our web portal LabNexus.


If you walk in and request a test of any sort, we will submit the results to your provided email.

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