for International Travel

For patients requiring an RT-PCR test for travel, let us know you need a test for travel when you arrive at one of our testing sites


We cannot bill any health insurance when testing for travel 
There is an out-of-pocket cost of $100 for each test
We encourage patients to get tested as soon as their destination allows due to a 1–2% chance of inconclusive results.
We are not responsible for travel expenses lost due to unexpected results

What You Get

Same Day Results (by midnight)
A travel document (comprehensive test result)
Customizable results upon request
(passport number on result, stamped results, QR code, and any other documentation)

If you require a QR code on your result, be advised that we use an unsecured site to generate the QR code. Call our lab at (262) 788-9311 for more information.

How to Get Results

After receiving a registration email, click the button below and enter your code
Once registered, click the button below and log in to view your results