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Flu A / B and RSV A / B

Summit Clinical Labs now offers Flu and RSV tests in addition to a COVID-19 test
No appointment necessary!

Common Symptoms

Flu and RSV tests are available for symptomatic patients.

There are several common symptoms between COVID-19, Flu, and RSV:

Sore Throat



Runny Nose





Muscle Aches


We bill your insurance for the cost of COVID-19, Flu, and RSV tests.

The cash-pay rate for Flu or RSV is $50.



How to Get Results


You will still get your COVID-19 result from COVID Connect. For your Flu and RSV test result, you must register with our patient portal, LabNexus.

New Patients

After your visit, you will receive a registration email from

Click the button below and enter your code found in the registration email.

  1. New patients should receive a registration email by the end of the workday
    (7 PM Monday–Friday or 2 PM on Saturday)

  2. If you do not receive a registration email by that time, contact us by phone, email, Facebook, Google, or Square

  3. You will not receive a registration code if you already have an account with our patient portal, LabNexus

  4. When creating a username, please do not use special characters like "@" or "."

Registered Patients

Once registered, click the button below and log in to view your results. 

If you've been tested with LabNexus in the past, and you don't see your results, you may have re-register. Contact us to link your multiple accounts. 

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