Flu A / B and RSV A / B

Summit Clinical Labs now offers a Flu and RSV tests
in addition to a COVID-19 test

Common Symptoms

Flu and RSV tests are available for symptomatic patients

There are several common symptoms between COVID-19, Flu, and RSV

Sore Throat



Runny Nose





Muscle Aches


We bill your insurance for the cost of COVID-19, Flu, and RSV tests

At this time, Flu and RSV tests are only available to patients with insurance

We still welcome uninsured patients for COVID-19 tests

How to Get Results

You will still get your COVID-19 result from COVID Connect

For your Flu and RSV test result, you must register with our patient portal

After your visit, you will receive a registration email from portal@labnexus.net

Click the button below and enter your code found in the registration email

New patients should receive a registration email by the end of the workday

(7 PM Monday–Friday or 2 PM on Saturday)

If you do not receive a registration email by that time,

contact us by phone, email, Facebook, Google, or Square

You will not receive a registration code if

you already have an account with our patient portal (LabNexus)

When creating a username, please do not use special characters like "@" or "."

Once registered, click the button below and log in to view your results